High Quality, Crisis Driven Debate

The central philosophy of North County Regional Conference rests on the premise that smaller committees foster better debate. With a committee cap of 20 delegates, every student gets the chance to participate. Small, specialized committees allow every delegate the chance to refine their debate skills and learn to think critically on their feet. The cornerstone of NCRC is our commitment to crisis driven debate. Our crisis plots are designed to engage delegates and simulate real world scenarios, forcing them to adapt to new circumstances and think of solutions to problems as they arise.

“I was always on the edge of my seat when crisis burst through the door ready to announce a new disease plaguing the world or a major change in regimes of countries. The Global Pandemic committee was my absolute favorite committee I have ever been in. The crisis was so elaborate and it kept me on my feet, and there was only 20 delegates which really allowed me to be involved in the debate. I was able to work with people closely and adapt to the changing circumstances. The elevated debate pushed me to be a better delegate, and I was rewarded by winning Outstanding Delegate.”

- David Rogers

People, Not Numbers

In many conferences, chairs base awards off of numbers, not the quality of debate; at NCRC, we pride ourselves awarding delegates qualitatively, not quantitatively. Our awards are based off of the quality of the delegate’s speeches and comments, the depth of directives and resolutions they draft, and their ability to cooperate with other delegates to solve problems.

“In the Presidential Campaign committee, which was a joint committee with the Republicans versus the Democrats, the chairs made it clear that we would be judged based off of our quality of comments and not the quantity. This really helped me relax and focus on making good points instead of trying to speak as much as possible, something that I usually have to do when I go to High School conferences. The conference was one of the best I have ever been to, and the crisis and quality of the delegates and their comments really made the committee a blast to be in.”

- Max Ning